You should have seen the list of names that I brainstormed when I finally decided that, yes, I too, could write a blog.  Oh, it’s almost embarrassing.  No, it’s really actually funny, so I will share with you a few of the, “Almost Made it Blog Titles, Thank Goodness They Didn’t.”

Redone, Redecorate and 3 other Re- wordsoverdone

Well Done, But Not Overcooked –Ha! Humorous all the time I am not.

Makrothumeo Greek for extremely passionate about something.  I know I read that one in a book but not a particularly good one.

The Creative Monster Revealedno

Redecoratesno, again

Unleashedbetter, not quite

Undoneugg, really?



What does that mean exactly?

Unfurled means to spread out from a rolled or folded state, to unroll, unbind, shake out or release, as in a sail. (Am I on a boat?  “Ay, Ay Skipper!”)  No, but I confess, I was caught.  I was caught because I have always had this strange obsession with the sea and old sailing ships and masts.  (Not that I’ve ever been on one, but I did read The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi at an impressionable age.) But how did that relate to decorating and projects and all of the fun goodies I have simmering in the back of my mind for this blog?

I had a hard time coming up with a reasonable answer to that one.  I talked through the name thing with several bloggy type friends but my own answers didn’t seem fully formed. I realized while talking with Cat from Words From the Wise, that I actually had spent a great deal of my life afraid of trying new things, (never in decorating, strangely).  I have been afraid of technology on some level, life after high school, fat ankles, and almost anything with Jesus that I couldn’t control or understand on my own.  My journey with the Lord has been a long process of learning to release that which I cannot control in the first place.  And there, in that place, is where I start to find beauty in my life.

What if this blog is meant to encourage others to let go of their fear in decorating (or really in any area) and find beauty released in their own homes?  Our homes so often reflect our spiritual and emotional state.  What if we see that a small attempt at bringing beauty to our home brings a bit of beauty into our hearts?  What if the more we release or unfurl our tight grip on things, the more the peace of God settles in and over our hearts and even our families?  I think I found my purpose, and my blog’s name, all rolled into one.

Decorating doesn’t have to be intimidating and I believe that even small projects or attempts can make a HUGE difference, especially when those end up changing an entire room or house over time.  Certainly, big expensive projects are would be lots of fun to do, but honestly, my project budget amounts to about $12 each month.  (Yes, $12.) So if you long to get some ideas, have some to share, or just want to join the journey of unfurling a bit of beauty in your life, join the discussion!