I was walking through my in-laws garage the day I saw her.  I was blinded momentarily.

Oh yes, the gleam of brass was quite bright.  But I am always looking for potential, especially in seemingly discarded items that might come my way (for free!).  So I looked again.  This time I looked colorblind.  I looked at lines and shapes.  I did squint.  And cock my head sideways. And turn backwards just to make sure. (The Sprout wanted to know if I was lost on the way to the car) I was convinced this lamp might be a treasure. The extra lines of detail seemed to be lost in the gleam, but they might just be revealed with a simple color change.

When she came to the house, the Man, with raised eyebrows, said, “Are you sure you want this thing?”  As I headed to Lowe’s in quest of some oil rubbed bronze spray paint (♥), I replied, “Just wait.”  He has a hard time going colorblind but he trusts me;)

Spray paint is the epitome of the modern invention.  You don’t need any equipment besides the can, so for those of you who may not even own a glue gun (mercy), this is a great place to start doing projects.  This project was the first time I have ever used Oil Rubbed Bronze and I am truly in love with it.  The color carries so much more warmth, depth and character than straight black or brown.

I set up the lamp on a sheet covered stool (because I was 9 months pregnant and didn’t feel much like bending over to do it on the ground) and sprayed in short bursts up and down until the brassiness was no longer.Spray painted lamp, oil rubbed bronze spray paint, DIY projects

The transformation was astounding! And I found love in a can of spray paint.  I now have to resist the urge to spray paint everything oil rubbed bronze.  But I digress.  Here’s the finished, inside the house shot (please disregard all laundry baskets, books and highlighters in the background-I was in a hurry and decided to just keep it real)

spray paint, oil rubbed bronzeWhat I love is how the lines of the lamps seem even bolder and more stately than before.  In reality, the lampshade seems much more yellow than in this picture and I’m not totally married to it because there is NO yellow in this room nor anything else of the same intensity.  hmm, I sense another project…

But a thought in parting for today…I think that our Father might be colorblind too.  I don’t mean in the sense of He doesn’t see differences in the heart of people because of the color of their skin (which is obvious I believe).  But when He looks at me, He only see one color and it’s not

the color of my arrogance,

                                                   my yelling in frustration,

                                                                                   my house in disarray,

or the years (hours now too?) I lost to insecurity.

No, He sees one color.

The one in which His Son has painted me:


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