Who on earth sets up a blog 3 weeks before having their 3rd baby?  I mean really.  oh, wait!  That would be me.  I have no idea what I was thinking.  If you do, be sure and let me know in the comments.  But he’s so cute, isn’t he??!!

I’ve had an awesome post brewing in my brain about picture frames for a while but no matter how many times I put it on my to do list, I never get that far down my list and sometimes it’s only listed as the second item! (Lord Jesus, I need help).

So in the spirit of attempting consistency in writing blog posts, I thought I would change subjects and just write.  The picture frames will receive their just attention, just not now.

Therefore, today’s topic is… the difference between picking up and cleaning.  (Yes, dear reader, there is a difference and it may be more important than you think)

I have always hated cleaning.  Ask my mom.  My room was the pits and OH! the stories the walls could tell of the rows we had over the state of my room! (Sorry Momma Bear)  However, as an adult I am in charge of cleaning a HOUSE and the problem is a battle I fight constantly because I feel overwhelmed and it takes so dang long.

However, this is the key that has brought some much-needed relief: there is a difference between picking up and cleaning. Cleaning= dusting, wiping, vacuuming, spit shining, etc. Picking up= putting your crap stuff away and throwing away your child’s 350th piece of “art.” I mean, random pieces of trash lying around.

Problem: I used to spend 2 hours every Tuesday cleaning 1 room in our house.  Every. single. week. (almost, sort of) That is absurd! No wonder I hated Tuesdays and cleaning in general. But I realized that what I called cleaning was actually 2 jobs at the same time: the picking up and the cleaning.

Solution: The Man was enlisted to spend 15 minutes on Monday nights helping to pick up and put stuff away.

Result: 2 hours was instantly reduced to 50 minutes.

Mathematically that doesn’t add up.  How does 15 minutes save 70 minutes?  I have no idea.  I majored in history, not math.  But the principle does work.  And sometimes when I feel like my house is spiraling out of control, I set the timer for 15 minutes and just pick up.  No cleaning. Who needs to clean?!  I still don’t necessarily like cleaning, but I no longer hate it because it is manageable.

If you think about it, this applies in the spiritual as well.  If you are losing a battle with sin (just call it what it is, sister) you may be fighting 2 different issues under one name.  ouch.

Challenge for the week: Pick an area you have been avoiding because, “cleaning it,” has overwhelmed you.  Don’t clean it.  Set a timer and pick it up for 15 minutes.  You might need to do it for a few days but you might not hate it.  You can clean it if you want to later, but don’t be an over achiever;) Let me know the results!