I have never been one to decorate for fall.  Honestly, my fall decorations consist of:

    1. one (1) candle holder with a leaf on it
    2. the Thanksgiving People, which I usually only remember to haul out (or rather make my husband haul out) from the closet about 5 minutes before we sit down for Thanksgiving dinner.
    3. a fall looking bowl that sat on my grandparents’ table for many years

I am not against fall or anything but when I was working it was not a high priority for me. I was lucky to get the Thanksgiving People out, remember?  And though I wasn’t working last fall and thought about fall decorations, I was simply trying to survive my first few months as a home management engineer! (Though the Thanksgiving People did find their way to the table a week or so earlier)

As this year rolled through September, I started noticing fall decorations popping up on other blogs, which reminded me that I might attempt some fall-ish things myself this year.  I saw this fun wreath idea on Thrifty Décor Chick and, low and behold, I had everything but a hole punch to do the job!  My sweet husband then lovingly offered to buy me a hole punch! (That’s love I tell you) I didn’t even ask him if he was for real, I just threw the baby in the carrier and said, “Let’s go now!”

The best part of this wreath (in my humble opinion) is the form-it’s a pool noodle taped together and wrapped in strips of a pretty fall fabric (pool noodles don’t generally proclaim fallishness).  You can use anything for the form

 or buy one, but I loved that I didn’t have to buy anything.  And lest you think this was a fancy undertaking, I used my teeny tiny glue gun! I still get excited about glue guns.  I know.

After punching out lots of 2” circles from an assortment of fall looking cardstock, I used the end of a sponge brush (any stick,

even the eraser end of a pencil, will do) and three         fingers to push the paper into a tripod looking shape.  Then I dabbed some hot glue onto the back and stuck it onto the wreath.  Repeat one hundred times or so.  It was cathartic work.

Sparkle Mod Podge

The nice thing about this project was the lack of pressure to do it perfectly.  There are spaces in some places but the fabric underneath blends those spaces.  However, I liked the fabric enough that I wanted some of it to be seen, so I covered a wooden H for our last name with the fabric.  At this point, I used Mod Podge to adhere the fabric to the letter and then gave it a top coat of SPARKLE Mod Podge because almost every project needs a little sparkle! I used a little floral wire to tie the letter to the wreath but ended up hot gluing that too because it felt wiggly.

Here’s the final product:Fall Paper Wreath

I love this wreath because it was such a spur of the moment thing. My house my not explode with the fall season, but it was a great way to start!  However, as I sat to write this post, though, something nagged at me.  Why do I feel a need to celebrate fall?  Fall is the time of year when crops and fruits are gathered in, but I’m not exactly a farmer.  Here’s the truth I felt God whisper to my heart like the breezes I’ve noticed in the early morning: This is the time to celebrate the blessings God has filled our lives with.  We may not have a crop to thank Him for, but I can guarantee He has given you reasons to celebrate His goodness.  The blessings are just the outward symbols of His goodness to us.

What are you celebrating as the seasons begin to change?  Leave a quick comment and let me know.

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