Last week I decided to do something BIG.  No, I don’t mean painting the main room of my house the color of eggplant.  I did that already, silly rabbit, and had to repaint (6 years later) because it turns out eggplant has a limited appeal as a wall color, even to the dramatic type. hmm…

Moving on.  I was reading Rachel Meeks’ book, Simple Blogging, and knew she was talking to me on page 88 when she wrote,  “…there is no end to small things, and if you’re like me, you’ll feel like you never have time to do the big things—those big, grand things you have set in your heart to do.”  Because right now, out in my very own garage, is the big, bad, hairy project I have been mulling over for 4 months.

repurposed dresserHer name is Manna.

Why?  Because when my husband looked at her, upside down in all her glory/ugliness, he said, “What is it?”


Manna was the fluffy stuff God graciously left on the ground for the Israelites to eat when they complained that He was trying to kill them with hunger.  But they couldn’t figure out what it was, so they literally called it, “What is it?”

Just picture this scene that first morning :

“Mom! What’s for breakfast?”

“What is it?”

“That’s what I’m asking!  Why won’t you answer me?!!”

I have been on the look out for a dresser to transform into an entertainment center for years.  It started with an article in this weird magazine that I received mysteriously for a year called Ready Made that I didn’t really enjoy all that much but contained a great article written on turning a dresser into an entertainment center by cutting out the center supports, re-supporting all the corners with braces, etc. and installing short track shelving and sliding blue plexi-glass doors.  While the blue was not my color of choice, the concept was intriguing.  I saw a similar idea over at Addicted 2 Decorating a few months ago and was convinced the idea had merit for our situation.  As our current set up is a sofa table, we desperately need a place to put games and some books out of the reach of Princess Grabby Pants. I began looking in earnest for a dresser that had good bones and was large enough. And I prayed.  I know it’s a little thing, but I couldn’t afford a dresser from Goodwill and the one time I stopped and looked at something on the side of the rode, there were ROACHES in the dresser. NO. THANK. YOU.  And I waited.  Because I knew He knew what we needed.  You know?

Then driving home from church one magical Sunday, I saw her.  Manna, on the side of the road, upside down and gloriously ugly.  And after the aforementioned conversation, my Man (Happy Birthday, by the way, honey!), without even rolling his eyes, offered to load it into the jeep for me!  And unloaded it too!

There in the garage she sat.

And sat.

And sat.

I told myself that this would be the project I would start when I was “recovered” from having the baby, which was a good excuse but the truth was, I was a little overwhelmed because this is a huge project and I don’t know how I’m exactly going to pull this one off. Oh, and I don’t have a jigsaw and I want one think I’m going to need one. And I now have 3 kids and no time and laundry to do and dishes to do and… and… and…

But the small things are great excuses to do nothing big.

So, I started. Even wearing my nice pants.

I may not have a jigsaw, but eventually this monstrosity will have to be sanded before being painted, so out came the sander and the 40 grit sand paper, which is a thing of pure butter (picture me saying that like Paula Deen). Look what I found underneath that red junk:

I don’t know if that’s laminate (probably), but that marbled effect is so pretty and antiquish that it totally gave me a new direction for how to paint this puppy if when I get that far. Think white/slightly gray with dark gray/ black on the edges.  I know it’s a stretch. Everything is a stretch to imagine at this stage.

Also, I am going to Arizona in a few weeks and hope that the master craftsman, Papa, will have time to teach me the basics of building a drawer because I think I want 2 long drawers on the bottom 2/3rds and the top 1/3rd  open for slim baskets.

In the kingdom of God, we often pray and receive exactly what we ask for, even if it looks odd and then we delay. And twiddle our thumbs.  And mull over deep thoughts.  Or do nothing for small excuses.  The enemy of our souls would like nothing better than to distract us from the big things of God with the small and possibly needful, but unimportant, things.  We (that’s me in there, too) need to stop talking and making excuses and just obey and go for the big things God has set before us.

This is just a dresser entertainment center.  But there is a deep principle here worth exploring. What are you going to stop procrastinating over?