I am “leaving on a jet plane,” as you read this to spend some much needed time with my family in Arizona.  Oh, and retrieve my daughter.  That too.  She’s been a little ahead of the rest of us, getting some extra snuggle time with Papa and Nana since Thursday.

But this weekend, I almost folded up shop on this little corner of blogland called Beauty Unfurled and quit. I actually uttered the words, through a great deal of tears and blubbering, “I think I need to give up my blooooogggggg.”  You know you’ve been there with the snot flowing and irrational words come out of your mouth.


I was overwhelmed.  And I missed Princess Grabby Pants.  And I had to pack, but was behind on laundry.  And … the list could go on forever. I allowed many little things pile up in my brain and freaked out.  When I get overwhelmed, I go back to my mission statement and my priorities and boldly declare I must quit all that is not a priority.  My first priorities are my husband and then caring for my kids.  A blog seemed very insignificant in the face of those holy tasks.

But, dang it, my husband reminded me of a few things, the most important thing being:


Yep, the big one.

I hate it when he does that.

Beginning this blog was an act of obedience and I was kindly reminded that it would be disobedience to just give up because I was overwhelmed.

The projects are something that I can’t stop doing because I’d probably turn into an uncreative, lifeless, lump if I didn’t have some kind of outlet.  But writing is now an issue of obedience (and strangely, brings life.  Probably because I get to have adult interaction, which is vital when 2/3rds of your daily company doesn’t talk and the other 1/3rd constantly wants his questions answered and to watch a movie).

After making a list and discovering, lo and behold, there were fewer items than I thought, I realized I got played by my emotions, yet again.  I almost quit and would have given up something far more precious than just a blog: obedient intimacy.


An update on Manna:

dresser conversion

I finished taking the red paint off the top and started on the sides. Then I realized that the sides were hardboard and water damaged and I would rather replace them than sand them.  I am not a big fan of sanding.

I also was given an early birthday present: A JIGSAW!!! (that also can act as a reciprocating saw, ohhh yeahh!)black and decker compact saw

                                            Isn’t it cute!

dresser conversion

I had to try it out, so I started cutting out the face pieces.  It’s a start! (See that orange and blue thing on top?  That’s the Sprout’s nail gun-he decided I needed his help;)