I really wanted to do a nice, well thought through, well written, well reasoned blog post today.

But that is not going to happen.

Because my daughter will not leave her diaper on.

I have been working on some great Christmas presents to show but, unfortunately, I can’t show you ANY of them because lots of my followers are people I’m related to (OK, MOST of my followers are people I am related to).  One of the down sides if I’m attempting to keep presents a secret.

And then there’s the diaper issue.

Last week Princess Grabby Pants pooped in the toilet twice! Great! And hasn’t tinkled a bit in the toilet since then.  I’m not pushing her since she’s not even 2 yet, so anything potty related is all her initiation at this point.  However, she’s discovered that she can take off her diaper. And her clothes.  No kidding, when I went into her room yesterday, both in the morning and after her nap, she had managed to remove every stitch of clothing and her diaper.  Today, she has brought me her diaper in her hand 3 times and it’s just now 10 am.  A good blog post is just not going to happen. I’ll try again next week;)