Just so you know: God has a sense of humor.  If you only picture Him stoically observing your life from a distance, you are missing out.  I think He frequently guffaws and belly laughs, especially at some of the things in my life;)

About 2 months ago, I was starting to think my little old blog was going somewhere.   And then that day happened.  You know the one.  When diapers were removing themselves and the ensuing chaos was a bit more than I could handle.  And I didn’t write a real post.  But I did have my highest day of traffic so far;) (That’s the God guffawing part)

But I didn’t write a post the next week. Nor the week after that.  And then it was Thanksgiving and then Christmas (and I really was eyeball deep in projects) and then…and then… and then…

And while I haven’t written in 2 months I have thought a great deal, mostly about the stress of trying to come up with a project that I could blog about every week.  I do a great many projects, but there is far more to my life than just that part.  For example, I read all of the time.  It keeps me mostly sane, but I have great deal to say about books and love to have discussions about them!  But where does that fit into a decorating blog?  It doesn’t in a way that I could logically rationalize.  Compartmentalization never works.  Never.  It only leads to putting on a pretty face for one of the other compartments.  So instead of just décor and deep thoughts, I want to write about books and my kids and my foray into homeschooling and life and projects and painting and everything else.

And with a new focus, comes a new tagline: celebrating the quest for beauty at home, in life.

Wanna come? I could use a few friends on this journey:)