The Quiet Return

Just so you know: God has a sense of humor.  If you only picture Him stoically observing your life from a distance, you are missing out.  I think He frequently guffaws and belly laughs, especially at some of the things in my life;)

About 2 months ago, I was starting to think my little old blog was going somewhere.   And then that day happened.  You know the one.  When diapers were removing themselves and the ensuing chaos was a bit more than I could handle.  And I didn’t write a real post.  But I did have my highest day of traffic so far;) (That’s the God guffawing part)

But I didn’t write a post the next week. Nor the week after that.  And then it was Thanksgiving and then Christmas (and I really was eyeball deep in projects) and then…and then… and then…

And while I haven’t written in 2 months I have thought a great deal, mostly about the stress of trying to come up with a project that I could blog about every week.  I do a great many projects, but there is far more to my life than just that part.  For example, I read all of the time.  It keeps me mostly sane, but I have great deal to say about books and love to have discussions about them!  But where does that fit into a decorating blog?  It doesn’t in a way that I could logically rationalize.  Compartmentalization never works.  Never.  It only leads to putting on a pretty face for one of the other compartments.  So instead of just décor and deep thoughts, I want to write about books and my kids and my foray into homeschooling and life and projects and painting and everything else.

And with a new focus, comes a new tagline: celebrating the quest for beauty at home, in life.

Wanna come? I could use a few friends on this journey:)


For when there’s just not enough time

I really wanted to do a nice, well thought through, well written, well reasoned blog post today.

But that is not going to happen.

Because my daughter will not leave her diaper on.

I have been working on some great Christmas presents to show but, unfortunately, I can’t show you ANY of them because lots of my followers are people I’m related to (OK, MOST of my followers are people I am related to).  One of the down sides if I’m attempting to keep presents a secret.

And then there’s the diaper issue.

Last week Princess Grabby Pants pooped in the toilet twice! Great! And hasn’t tinkled a bit in the toilet since then.  I’m not pushing her since she’s not even 2 yet, so anything potty related is all her initiation at this point.  However, she’s discovered that she can take off her diaper. And her clothes.  No kidding, when I went into her room yesterday, both in the morning and after her nap, she had managed to remove every stitch of clothing and her diaper.  Today, she has brought me her diaper in her hand 3 times and it’s just now 10 am.  A good blog post is just not going to happen. I’ll try again next week;)

What’s in a word?

Words are powerful things.

I bet you still remember:

*the horrid nickname someone called you in high school (until the day you went after him with a baseball bat in PE class) that still makes you cringe…

*a compliment unlooked for that made your day 5 years ago…

*the first time someone special said,  “I love you.” (PS-Don’t say thank you back)

I passionately love words and books and reading.  But I rarely think about decorating with them.  However, my oldest is reaching the age where a “text rich” environment is essential to his development as a reader.  Cross that with some more fall decorations and I have a cute project I can’t wait to show off. It all started with some pumpkins made from grapevines and came from the Target dollar spot!  How splendid is that!

decoupage, print text, frame decoration, words

But when I got them home and put them up on the little shelf I like to pretend is a mantle, the pumpkins were a little bland.  Then I got the brilliant, wholly unoriginal idea to put a verse in a frame on the mantle (yes, I am still calling it a mantle in hopes I may someday have one to decorate;)

decoupage, print text, frame decoration, words

I found this cheap little guy at Target for, yes, you read correctly:$1.74.  You can’t get much better than that!

But black plastic is so boring when you can pull out your favorite can of spray paint andturn it, that’s right folks!, oil rubbed bronze.  (I will find any excuse I can to use this stuff!)

Going with the whole harvest theme for fall, I found the perfect verse and thought I was done.  But I cannot just leave well enough alone.  So after debating with myself (should I? Maybe not? Might as well go for it) I decided to decoupage the frame.  Decoupage is a fancy word that means gluing an object to something and then putting more glue on top to seal it.  Mod Podge is the best product for this and comes in many different finishes (including SPARKLE, which I used on my wedding shoes;)

decoupage, print text, frame decoration, wordsI started with strips of text but it didn’t look random enough, so I cut the strips (using my fantastic new little Exacto knife. I know scissors would work, but Exacto knifes are much more fun;) into triangles and pasted them down going all different directions and it looked much better.  Notice the little leaf thingy in the corner?  I actually didn’t plan that but it looks like I did!  I hot glued some twine at the edges to cover the edges/make it look a bit more country/fallish.

decoupage, print text, frame decoration, wordsAkk!  I love it!

Here’s the best part of this project: The text print came from a beautiful copy of The Purpose Driven Life.  The whole time I read it, I kept thinking about the beautiful brown print and tree/limb/leaf/root illustrations.  I have lately been inspired by Lindsey’s use of a vintage dictionary at Out of Alabaster.  I was going to get rid of the book but instead I have a frame with power behind its beauty because of the truth I am reminded of as I look at it.  We are created to believe what we hear and see, which is why Paul told the Roman church: So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.

 decoupage, print text, frame decoration, words

What projects have you done that used words as part of the decoration?

When have words been powerful in your life?

I hope you enjoy these last few days of fall friends!