Hi, I’m Stacy!

I live in Central Texas, am married to Michael and have 3 kids, ages 5 and under.  I have 2 dogs, but they are frequently for sale (or free to a good home) depending on the day.

I love Jesus and His kingdom.

I love iced chai and TobyMac (so does the Sprout).

I love to decorate, do projects of all kinds, reorganize and get rid of junk.  I would do projects all day long but someone has to cook dinner.  I also love finding a good deal on things and actually enjoy the challenge of doing projects on a budget.  I have a Creative Monster inside of me that is often responsible for late nights and all sorts of mischief that ends with me looking at my husband and saying, “How did we get in the middle of doing this NOW?”

I try to be as authentic and transparent as possible at all times, even when projects or budgets go awry, or the truth is painful. I am still learning to live away from the shadow of , “I should have…”

I believe our homes are meant to be more than just places to eat and sleep, but places to meet with God.  I believe that having an organized, beautiful home facilitates the peace of God.  However, I do not want, nor encourage anyone, to work towards a perfect home, but a manageable one in which our creative hearts connect with God.

I want to be an encouragement to those who are creative and empower those that think they are not to unfurl a bit of beauty within their own homes. After all, the Kingdom of God is all about the journey from before to after!


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